A Scent of Autumn

Hello-Hello, Dear Friends šŸ˜€

Here’s brand new collection of iFriday, a scent of Autumn. The smells of the leaves that touching the ground with the rain.

1. Hipster Bunny and Pocahontas

Hipster BunnyNa Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Hipster!Ā Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Bunny! Hipster Bunny, only 100k!

2. Snow Brigade

Snow BrigadeEnable to bring out the something you want to know beneath the snow, in winter you’re an angel that sells the map to the lost. Snow Brigade, only 150k.

3. Frengers!

FrengersThe title is aĀ portmanteauĀ of the wordsĀ friendĀ andĀ stranger. A frenger is a person who is “not quite a friend but not quite a stranger” only 90k! How that’s sound Frengers? is that you?

4. Venus

VenusAfter theĀ Moon, Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky.Ā The name Venus, after theĀ RomanĀ goddessĀ of love and beauty. You wanna see, Venus? Just 120k.

5. Louise Louisa

Louise LouisaCall Louise-Louisa do I had such a night come true overhead morning skies all for you. O’ Louise-Louisa, O’ Louise-Lousa, can I bring you into my eyes? You’re 100 for 100k.


Feels free to choose your path. Happy shopping, Dear FriendsĀ :D

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First Season; Summer Breeze

Hello again, Dear Friends. šŸ˜€

In our tropical episode, we try to make you feels comfort with the clothes that we design to chill out you in hot temperature or windy season. Here we go;

1.Ā Scandinavia Tees


You know what Scandinavia made of? Pure ambient dream! About trees, wild, and nature. You can smell that? A smell of a freedom. Freedom that you can get only 160k. Worth it isn’t it!

2. Fox Club


You know what the best part of being fox? They looks tough and sexy in the same time! With you wear it, you can feel a fox spirit! Make you day extraordinary, with of course 175k.

3. Pocahontas


A brave young Indian warrior that fight for her nation freedom. If you wear it, a character that you build make you feels brave, a different from the other, and comfortable to began a history. Grab the World with 100k.

4. Maya’s Short


Short pattern jeans make you feel cozy to begin an outdoor activity. With Maya printed out, you reborn in mystical ways. And that born, only cost 155k

5. A Glorious Belle


A semi blouse will make you confident in a sweet moment. Wear it, stay young, and go dancing! With only 200k

Feels free to choose your path. Happy shopping, Dear Friends šŸ˜€

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Hello, We are i-Friday

Assalamualaikum, hello Universe! Introducing we are brand new clothing online shop from Jakarta, Indonesia.

We serve you with a lovely touch stylish clothing line that make you feel glorious and look gorgeous! šŸ˜€

once you wear i-Friday, you never regret everyday

Fridya as Samira

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Hello iFriday

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